Introducing Marvin JS: A New Chemical Structure Drawing Tool

Marvin JSWe are excited to announce that Marvin JS, a new chemical structure drawing tool, will be available in WebAssign starting Monday, November 9, 2015. Marvin JS replaces the former chemical structure drawing tool, MarvinSketch.

Marvin JS does not use Java or plugins and includes touchscreen capabilities for supported mobile browsers. It features a simple and clean interface for chemical structure drawing and manipulation. Marvin JS provides an added benefit of advanced grading capabilities, not available with the MarvinSketch drawing tool.

An updated “Getting Started with WebAssign” tutorial will be available so you and your students can adapt quickly to the changes. Additionally, we have put together a “Chemistry Tools Guide” for you and your students that provides a quick overview of the tool differences. We encourage you to share this document with your students ahead of Monday’s release. All Help Documentation will reflect the changes in the Marvin JS user interface.

All existing MarvinSketch questions will be updated November 9th to use the new Marvin JS drawing tool and no additional coding or editing of questions is necessary.

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For more details about this new feature please contact a WebAssign representative at 800.955.8275.