Class Insights Update: Deeper Student Data Now Available

Class Insights offers instructors powerful performance data at the course and student level. The latest update to this feature provides you with even more detailed information about your students to further understand their performance and level of engagement in your course.

Now when you search for individual students you can see the last time they logged into WebAssign as well as the last time they worked on an assignment. Additionally, new statistics compare how an individual student is performing relative to the rest of the class.

Use these analytics during office hours, when responding to student emails, or share directly with students who may need extra encouragement to prepare for an exam.

Class Insights student view — enhandements


  1. See the last time a student actively logged into WebAssign and the last time they worked on an assignment.
  2. View a specific student’s overall performance and 1st attempt of a problem data.
  3. Box and Whiskers data shows how well a student is doing relative to the rest of the class based on their 1st attempt of a problem.

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