Class Insights Update: Individual Student Data Now Available

Class Insights empowers instructors with deep student performance data on questions and topics from the course, and My Class Insights lets students quickly see their performance and gain additional practice on course topics. With the latest upgrade to this analytics feature, instructors now have access to individual student performance data.

This new upgrade to Class Insights gives instructors a performance view for each student across course topics based on first-attempt-on-problem data, as well as deeper analytics on the number of attempts needed to answer each question. With these analytics, faculty can easily identify prerequisite knowledge gaps that may exist for a specific student.

This new feature provides instructors with powerful information to use when responding to student emails or addressing student concerns during office hours. Class Insights can also be used to proactively reach out to students who may be at risk of failing the course.

Class Insights student view


  1. Simple search tool lets you view analytics for any student in the course.
  2. Filters help you easily compare homework and test performance on the same topic.
  3. Status icons quickly show which topics the student performed well on and where they struggled.
  4. Quick overview highlights the number of attempts used to solve each problem.
  5. Practice button lets you review similar problems with students.

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