Class Insights: Performance Analytics Now Available to Students

Our recent launch of Class Insights empowered faculty with deep student performance data on questions and topics throughout the course. Since launching, many instructors requested we provide a similar report to their students. Students have also asked for the same thing; according to a recent WebAssign survey of 50,000 students, 94% stated that enhanced reporting would help them better prepare for upcoming tests. We are pleased to announce that our latest feature, My Class Insights, addresses these requests.

My Class Insights lets students quickly see their performance across various topics based on first-attempt-on-problem data. The user-friendly interface shows students a summary view of concept mastery, as well as provides the subsequent steps in the learning process. A practice button appears next to each topic so students can dive deeper into a series of similar question types.

This new feature reinforces strong study habits by encouraging self-regulated learning. With the new functionality, students can reflect on their learning progress, set goals, and build a study plan to review the topics where additional practice is needed.

My Class Insights


  1. Quick overview highlights the number of attempts used to solve each problem.
  2. Status icons quickly show students which topics they performed well on and where they struggled based on first-attempt-on-problem data.
  3. Filters let students easily compare homework and test performance on the same topic.
  4. Practice button for review of additional similar problems.

Learn More

My Class Insights is available to students via the student homepage. For more information about My Class Insights, contact our Customer Support Team. For more information about how WebAssign can help you achieve your teaching goals, contact a customer representative at 800.955.8275 or