HTML5 Upgrade to mathPad, calcPad, and physPad

WebAssign recently replaced the Flash entry pads for mathPad, calcPad, and physPad with HTML5 versions. You can now mix content from different course areas that use different pads in the same assignment. HTML5 pads also work seamlessly on iPads and other tablet devices.

Additionally, parentheses now are automatically added to all trigonometry and logarithmic functions, which helps eliminate the ambiguity of students’ answer entries. For example, sin2x+1, sin(2x+1), and sin 2x+1 could all be interpreted differently. By automatically placing the parentheses, sin(2x+1) vs sin(2x)+1, students can be assured WebAssign is interpreting their answers exactly as they expect.

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For more details about this new feature please contact a WebAssign representative at 800.955.8275.
Stay tuned as we continue making HTML5 upgrades throughout the summer.