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State-specific Professional Development

National Geographic Learning leads the way with flexible, comprehensive professional development solutions for K-12 educators with customized courses designed to meet individual teachers’ needs, ultimately raising academic achievement for students in language, literacy, and content.

All courses can be conducted live, onsite in your district,
or via webinar.

  1. Effective Strategies for English Language
  2. Sheltered Instruction
  3. Essential Language and Literacy Skills for
    Newcomer English Language Learners
  4. Managing Flexible Groups in the
    Elementary Classroom
  5. Differentiating Instruction
  6. Building Academic Vocabulary
  7. Effective Comprehension Strategies
  8. Traits-Based Writing
  1. Teaching Scientific Inquiry in the
    Elementary Classroom
  2. Using Nonfiction in the Elementary Classroom
  3. Teaching Reading across the Content Areas
  4. Differentiating Instruction in Content Literacy
  5. Coaching in the Content Literacy Classroom
  6. In-Class Coaching
  7. Classroom Demonstration Lessons
  8. Understanding the Common Core
    State Standards

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