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We've turned our GeoActivities for every lesson into hands-on, interactive activities developed for use on both SMART and Promethean platforms.
Quickly and easily introduce a lesson, chapter, or unit  with ready-to-use presentations including photos, videos, maps and more!

Maps & Graphs

The Online World Atlas is a comprehensive collection of World Cultures and Geography's Student Edition maps formatted for projection and online use. Sample maps from South Asia include:
•  South Asia Population Density
•  Summer Monsoon: Avg. Summer Precipitation
•  Winter Monsoon: Avg. Winter Precipitation
•  Ancient River Valley Civilizations
A comprehensive collection of over 190 Outline Maps created by National Geographic cartography experts using the Interactive Map Tool. Sample Outline Maps for South Asia include:
•  Bangladesh Outline Map
•  India Outline Map
•  Nepal Outline Map
•  Pakistan Outline Map

Digital Library

Teacher Tools

Professional Development
Teacher Resources
Classroom Management
Assessment resources include standardized test practice, section quizzes, chapter tests at two different reading levels, and ongoing assessment such as document-based questions and rubrics. Sample Assessment for South Asia includes:
•  Chapter 17 Section 1 Quiz
•  Chapter 17 Chapter Test (on-level)
•  Chapter 17 Chapter Test (modified)
•  Standardized Test Practice
Resources from program consultants and tutorials to enhance lesson delivery and encourage best practices
A collection of online resources and ready-to-use presentations and other teaching materials. Sample Teacher Resources for South Asia include:
•  Grain Production and Population
     (1950-2008) Chart

•  Review and Assessment
•  Reading and Note-Taking
•  Vocabulary Practice
•  GeoActivity
A fun and engaging application that provides students with the tools they need to create online and print magazines and other projects in a variety of media
Teachers can use the Lesson Planner to plan and share their instruction for each day. Lessons are made up of activities and details include resource previews and standard correlations.

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Bangladesh Outline Map
India Outline Map
Nepal Outline Map
Pakistan Outline Map
Chart: Sales of Passenger Vehicles in India and the United States
Chart: Population Growth in South Asia
South Asia Population Density
Summer Monsoon: Average Summer Precipitation
Winter Monsoon: Average Winter Precipitation
Ancient River Valley Civilizations