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The World Cultures and Geography Student Edition is online. Find hundreds of supporting images, maps, unit opener videos, explorer video clips, modified text for struggling readers, audio support and much more at point-of-use within the book pages.
The Online World Atlas is a comprehensive collection of World Cultures and Geography's Student Edition maps formatted for projection and online use. Sample maps from South Asia include:
•  South Asia Population Density
•  Summer Monsoon: Avg. Summer Precipitation
•  Winter Monsoon: Avg. Winter Precipitation
•  Ancient River Valley Civilizations
A comprehensive collection of over 190 Outline Maps created by National Geographic cartography experts using the Interactive Map Tool. Sample Outline Maps for South Asia include:
•  Bangladesh Outline Map
•  India Outline Map
•  Nepal Outline Map
•  Pakistan Outline Map

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Interactive Map Tool

Developed by National Geographic Education Foundation, the Interactive Map Tool provides regularly updated data sets and outline maps to help students learn valuable map skills.

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A collection of online resources for students including Charts and Infographics, Graphic Organizers, Graph Paper, and Guided Writing Instruction, and Writing Templates.
A fun and engaging application that provides students with the tools they need to create online and print magazines and other projects in a variety of media

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Hands of Indian Bride with Henna and Bangles
U9 South Asia, CH17 Geography & History, S1.3 Living with Monsoons
© Nitish Naharas / Alamy
A few days before an Indian wedding, in a ritual called the mehendi, members of the wedding party get their hands and arms painted with red-brown dye made from the henna plant. The bride wears five or six inches of glass bangles on her arms to match each of the different outfits she wears during the week of her wedding festivities.
Bangladesh Outline Map
India Outline Map
Nepal Outline Map
Pakistan Outline Map
Chart: Sales of Passenger Vehicles in India and the United States
Chart: Population Growth in South Asia
South Asia Population Density
Summer Monsoon: Average Summer Precipitation
Winter Monsoon: Average Winter Precipitation
Ancient River Valley Civilizations