Welcome to the National Geographic Learning page for Spain. We have a very active team covering the country along with our distributor SGEL. We’d love to hear from you either by email, phone or at one of the many conferences we attend. We look forward to helping you soon.

Meet the Team

Maria Jesús García
María Jesús García
Sales Manager. Spain and Portugal
Based in Madrid
Beatriz Jiménez
Beatriz Jiménez
ELT Sales Executive for Madrid, Toledo, Ávila, Segovia y Guadalajara

Sonia Jordana
Sonia Jordana
ELT Sales Executive for Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and the Balearic Islands
Lola Reyes
Lola Reyes
Sales Support
Based in Madrid

Catherine Hollings
Catherine Hollings
Sales Executive for The Basque Country, Cantabria and Navarra
(m) +34 616 884 883
Felisa Izquierdo
Felisa Izquierdo
ELT Sales Executive for Valencia and Murcia Communities
(m) +34 616 370 695

Local Office

Cengage Learning Spain
Rodríguez San Pedro, 2 – 113-114,
28015 Madrid
Tel +34 91 593 45 59

Where to buy our NGL Products?

Our distributor in Spain is SGEL:
Sociedad General Española de Librería
Delegaciones SGEL


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Join us for a webinar specifically for Spain delivered by Outcomes author Hugh Dellar on Teaching Grammar Lexically
12th September at 11AM (Spanish time)

Given its name, it is perhaps logical to assume that a lexical approach to language teaching is more interested in vocabulary than grammar. In reality, though, it means a far more constant and thorough coverage of grammar than many more traditional approaches. In this talk the author will be considering what teaching grammar lexically might involve - and exploring why it’s better!

John Hughes

Hugh grew up on the south coast of England and in South London and graduated in English Literature from Goldsmith’s College, part of the University of London, in 1991. He completed his DELTA and then an MA TESOL in London and moved soon afterwards into coursebook writing. As well as the series Outcomes, now in its second edition, Hugh co-wrote the series Innovations, which was shortlisted for the ELTons and the ESU Duke of Edinburgh award. He is currently working with National Geographic Learning on a secondary course Perspectives, which features TED talks.