Media Arts and Design

Media Arts and Design

National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, is pleased to announce the Creative Cloud® editions of our award-winning Adobe® textbooks.

For years, these textbooks set the standard for pedagogical excellence, engaging students with their step-by-step, project-driven instruction. And now, these fully revised editions cover the many new features announced by Adobe® for Dreamweaver® , Photoshop® , Illustrator® , InDesign® , Flash® Pro—and, for the first time, Edge Animate and Edge Reflow (in The Web Collection Revealed). Our authors, many of whom are design educators, examine both the how and the why of industry-standard Adobe® apps, covering the essential concepts of good design as well as specific features and tools.

Explore the fully revised Adobe® Creative Cloud® new editions from our award-winning “Revealed Series.”

Revealed Dreamweaver®

ISBN: 9781305118713
Replaces: 9781133693208
Author: Sherry Bishop

Revealed InDesign®

ISBN: 9781305262492
Replaces: 9781133815211
Author: Chris Botello

Revealed Photoshop®

ISBN: 9781305260535
Replaces: 9781133693222
Author: Elizabeth Eisner Reding

Revealed Adobe® Web Collection

ISBN: 9781305263628
Replaces: 9781133815143 and
Author: Sherry Bishop,
Sasha Vodnik, Jim Shuman

Revealed Illustrator

ISBN: 9781305262614
Replaces: 9781133693192
Author: Chris Botello

Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

ISBN: 9781305263611
Replaces: 9781133693239
Author: Chris Botello,
Elizabeth Eisner Reding

Additional Creative Cloud® options

Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

ISBN: 9781305267220
Replaces: 9781133525936
Author: Corinne Hoisington,
Jessica Minnick

Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

ISBN: 9781305267237
Replaces: 9781133525929
Author: Joy Starks

Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

ISBN: 9781305263642
Replaces: 9781133693284
Author: Terry Rydberg

Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

ISBN: 9781305263659
Replaces: 9781285843575
Author: Allan Wood

Time to “Reveal” some of what’s new in the Creative Cloud®!

Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

What’s New in Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud® Revealed?

  • Perspective Warp
  • 3D Imaging
  • Blur Gallery
  • Camera Shake Reduction
Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

What’s New in Adobe® Dreamweaver® Creative Cloud® Revealed?

  • New Fluid Grid Layouts
  • Editable Live View
  • CSS Designer
  • Element Quick View
Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

What’s New in Adobe® Illustrator® Creative Cloud® Revealed?

  • Live Corners
  • Custom tools panel
  • Touch Type tool
  • Path segment reshaping
Revealed Adobe® Design Collection

What’s New in Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® Revealed?

  • Choosing fonts from Adobe® Typekit
  • Dragging and dropping rows and columns in tables
  • Ability to search for and save fonts on the Character panel


Provide your students with a complete, online, personalized learning solution for the Creative Cloud® with MindTap!

Cengage Learning’s MindTap is a personalized teaching experience with relevant assignments that guide students to analyze, apply, and improve thinking, allowing you to measure skills and outcomes with ease. MindTap for Adobe® Creative Cloud® titles includes:

  • An interactive MindTap Reader eBook, with highlighting, note-taking, read-aloud, and search capabilities
  • Chapter quizzes that link back to the eBook for additional review
  • Data files for students to follow along with the exercises from the book
  • Flash cards
  • Tech Connection—a resource that brings you, your peers, our authors and Product Team together
  • Content mapping to ACA learning objectives—coming for Fall courses

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