CTE Health Science

Health Science

The Past, Present, and Future of Health Care

Cengage Learning offers the best in Health Science, teaching your students the fundamental skills and knowledge to overcome hurdles and ensure career success. Our content and digital learning environments engage students with interactive, meaningful lessons that are relevant to today’s health care students. Experience how our key programs:

  • Target multiple learning styles
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Integrate real life medical scenarios and case studies
DHO: Health Science Comprehensive

DHO: Health Science

Introduction to Medical Terminology

Introduction to
Medical Terminology


Body Structures and Functions

Body Structures
and Functions



Elevate Thinking. Easily Set Your Course. Promote Better Outcomes.

  • Fully online, personalized learning experience.
  • Provides a unique Learning Path of readings, engagement activities, pre/post assessments, and capstone activities.
  • learninglab Includes interactive Learning Lab modules to increase comprehension and critical thinking skills.