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We have four expert speakers at IATEFL this year, whether your interests be learning English with TED Talks, using pictures and videos in the classroom, the future of teaching English grammar or an exploration into the CEFR levels through English Language inventories, we're sure there will be something to take your fancy! Read on below for more information on our speakers and their presentations.

Lewis Lansford

Thursday 14th 12:30-13:00 | Hall 5
Title: The world's language: using authentic non-native input in the classroom

Globally, the majority of English-language conversations don't involve a native speaker. Using TED talks by non-native English speakers, this session will explore these questions: What are the teaching implications of English as a Lingua Franca? How should we approach non-standard or ungrammatical input? What materials prepare learners for real-world communication?

Lewis got his first taste of teaching English in Barcelona in the late 1980s. The experience inspired him to get a Master's in TESOL, after which he taught at a university language centre in Arizona and then a manufacturing company in Japan. In 1995, he took an editorial job with a major publisher in Hong Kong developing materials for Asia, and in 1997 became a freelance editor, project manager and writer in the UK. He has worked on books, videos, tests, audio materials, worksheets, apps and online materials for English learners of all ages across the world. He currently lives in York.

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John Hughes

Saturday 16th 10:25-10:55 | Hall 1
Title: Visual literacy in creating classroom materials

Pictures and video are key in modern classroom materials but do teachers and materials writers really maximise their full potential? In this talk I'll apply a three-part definition of visual literacy to materials design and suggest ways to enhance your use of images in classroom materials.

John Hughes is a teacher trainer and writer, based near Oxford UK. He has authored and co-authored over 30 ELT titles for students and teachers including the course series 'Life' and 'Spotlight on First' for National Geographic Learning and Cengage Learning. John still teaches from time-to-time as well as working with teachers from all over the world. His blog is www.elteachertrainer.com.

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Hugh Dellar

Wednesday 13th 10:40-11:25 | Hall 1
Title: English Futures: Retooling teaching for tomorrow's learners

As a global lingua franca, English is seen as a vital '21st century skill'. However, the real future needs for English will be at the high proficiency end – and the low, with little need in the middle. This raises questions about our inherited 20th century approach to teaching grammar rules and word lists. I aim to unpick these thorny issues.

Hugh Dellar is a teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty years experience in the field. He is also the co-founder of Lexical Lab and co-author of two five-level General English series, 'Innovations' and 'Outcomes', both published by National Geographic Learning.

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Andrew Walkley

Friday 15th 16:50-17:20 | Hall 9
Title: Determining level

A number of recent projects have aimed to provide language inventories matched to CEFR levels such as English Vocabulary Profile and the British Council Core inventory. In this talk I will look critically at these efforts through my experience of writing coursebooks such as Outcomes, my beliefs in a lexical view of language and a teacher working with low levels.

Andrew Walkley has 25 years experience as a teacher, trainer and materials writer. With Hugh Dellar he has written two series of coursebooks for National Geographic Learning and the second edition of the acclaimed 'Outcomes' series has been published this year. As a trainer, he mixes theoretical ideas about language, teaching and learning with simple practical applications that can be used regularly in class in a variety of contexts. You can read more about his approach to teaching in the new DELTA Publications book Teaching Lexically (also written with Hugh Dellar) which forms part of DELTA's award-winning Teacher Development series.

Andrew and Hugh also founded the website lexicallab.com, which promotes excellence in teaching and lexical materials and they are currently in the process of setting up a school - London Language Lab - to continue putting these ideas into practice. He's married (not to Hugh!) and has two children.

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