This special American Pageant textbook replacement offer is your solution to the AP® U.S. History Course Revision!

National Geographic Learning, a division of Cengage Learning, is proud to announce that The American Pageant, 16th edition ©2016, by David Kennedy and Lizabeth Cohen will fully address the AP® course redesign.

If your school or district purchases the 15th Edition of The American Pageant, AP® Edition during the 2014 calendar year, we will provide replacement copies of the 16th Edition, at no charge, as soon as it is published in January 2015.

The 16th Edition will include a new AP® Student Edition with AP® course support and test preparation. New in-text features like “Contending Voices” support historical thinking, and updated "Thinking Globally" sections place focus on the theme of America in the World. And for the first time, we offer an Annotated Wraparound Teacher's Edition with extensive support for AP® teachers.

Begin the school year with the 15th Edition and a wealth of transitional support, then upgrade to the 16th Edition at no charge. You’ll be covered, from back-to-school right up to Exam Day.

Our National Geographic Learning sales consultants are ready to work with schools and districts on how our Cengage Learning materials address the AP® U.S. History course redesign, and we look forward to supporting your efforts in preparing students for course and exam success! Click here for details, updates, and to review redesigned materials for The American Pageant. Click here to contact your Sales Consultant.

*AP, Advanced Placement and Pre-AP are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.

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