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Introduction to Marine Biology



INTRODUCTION TO MARINE BIOLOGY sparks curiosity about the marine world and provides an understanding of the process of science. Taking an ecological approach and intended for non-science majors, the text provides succinct coverage of the content while the photos and art clearly illustrate key concepts. Studying is made easy with phonetic pronunciations, a running glossary of key terms, end-of-chapter questions, and suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter. The open look and feel of INTRODUCTION TO MARINE BIOLOGY and the enhanced art program convey the beauty and awe of life in the ocean. Twenty spectacular photos open the chapters, piquing the motivation and attention of students, and over 60 photos and pieces of art are new or redesigned.

Teacher Supplements
Introduction to Marine Biology, 4th: PowerLecture CD-ROM with ExamView Test Generator

Your key to fast and easy lecture preparation and dynamic presentations! This one-stop digital library and presentation tool includes: Pre-assembled Microsoft PowerPoint lecture slides with art and photos from the text. Tools to help you ea... more

Student Supplements
Lab Manual

New to this edition, this lab manual has been specially designed to help students learn more about marine life and their habits.