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Time zones

Time Zones, Second Edition is a four-skills program designed to teach teenage learners how to use English effectively, developing them into successful global citizens. Time Zones combines a communicative approach to learning English with National Geographic content, images, and video.


Video Introduction


Video Program


Student Resources

Student Resources

Student Book

In every level of  Time Zones, Second Edition, real-world content is used as a springboard for introducing the language that students need to become effective communicators in English. Students practice all four skills and are exposed to high-frequency vocabulary over twelve units. Every unit ends with a Video page, which helps to reinforce and consolidate language from the unit.


Student Books are also available in Combo Split and eBook formats.


The Time Zones Workbook is designed to provide students with additional practice for the language learned in the Student Book. You may choose to use the Workbook as additional classroom practice, or set it as homework. Most activities in the Workbook are designed for self-study, though some tasks can easily be expanded into interactive speaking activities.

Online Workbook

The Workbook is also available online, hosted by MyELT. With both teacher-led and self-study options, the new Online Workbook:
  • Gives learners personalized access to a range of automatically-graded exercises, video, and program audio.

  • Reinforces what’s been taught in the Student Book.

  • Allows teachers to schedule assignments, monitor student progress, and create reports.

Register for a free instructor account at to learn more!

Instructor Resources

Instructor Resources

Teacher's Guide

The Teacher’s Edition of Time Zones is full of suggestions and ideas for how to get the most out of your class time. Teacher’s Editions feature reduced Student Book pages, content notes, suggestions for additional activities, answer keys, and more.

Classroom Presentation Tool CD-ROM
Each Classroom Presentation Tool CD-ROM includes both the pages of the Student Book and the Workbook for that level. Because they are in electronic form, the pages can be projected on to a screen or an Interactive Whiteboard.
The Presentation Tool:
Allows you to zoom in on individual activities.
Contains text boxes so you can type in model answers.
Contains answers to each activity, making it an easy and efficient way to present answers after students have finished an activity or workbook page.
Includes audio and video play buttons embedded in the text.
Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®

An Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® allows you to quickly and easily create tests and quizzes for each unit of Time Zones.

Classroom DVD and Audio CD Package
The Classroom DVD and Audio CD Package contains all the video and audio content for each unit of Time Zones.

About the Authors

Nicholas Beare

Nicholas Beare has been involved in English Language Teaching for more than thirty years. After taking a BSc (Honours) Degree in Psychology, he trained as an English Language teacher. Since starting his teaching career in Mexico, he has taught learners of all ages from children to adults, and all levels from beginners to advanced. Over the last twenty years he has published a wide range of successful Primary and Secondary ELT course books with major ELT publishers. Currently he is involved with materials production and teacher training in five regions of the world: Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia.

David Bohlke
David Bohlke has over 25 years of experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, program director, editor, and materials writer. He has taught in universities, high schools, language institutes in Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco, and has conducted multiple teacher-training workshops in Asia, the Middle East, Latin American, and Africa. David holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics/TESOL. He is currently based in Singapore.
Tim Collins

Tim Collins holds a PhD in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Texas at Austin as well as two Masters from the University of Illinois at Urbana. He has held teaching posts in Morocco, Spain, Taiwan, and the United State. He is a Fulbright Scholar, as well as the former Academic Director of the Fulbright Taiwan English Teaching Program. He has authored many ELT texts and continues to develop and manage text for all ages and proficiency levels. Currently he is an Assistant Professor at National-Louis University in Chicago and also serves the role of Visiting Assistant Professor at National Ilan University in Taiwan.

Catherine Frazier

Catherine Frazier holds a PhD in Education and Sociology from the University of Missouri at Kansas, a B.Sc in Education from the University of Missouri at Columbia, and her MATL in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has held many instructor positions as an Elementary ELL specialist, ESL instructor, and as an adjunct Instructor for courses in TESOL certification and MATESOL degrees. She has been the Head of the Department for English Language Teaching at an international school in Singapore, and has also taught and assisted programs in Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Peru, South Korea, and the US.

Richard Frazier
Richard Frazier holds both a PhD and a Masters in Education. He has extensive experience as a teacher of science and mathematics in Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and in the United States. Currently he serves as the Associate professor at the University of Central Missouri, in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education.
Mary Jane Maples
Mary Jane Maples has over 30 years of experience in English teaching. She has served as Editorial Director and Executive Editor on over two dozen titles, including titles in other languages. She has mainly worked with elementary and junior high school age learners.
Ian Purdon
Ian taught English as a foreign language in Europe and Asia before embarking on a career in ELT publishing as an editor and materials writer. Over the past 13 years, he has developed numerous programs for students of English in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Currently based in the UK, Ian is studying toward an MA in Online Education with a specialism in Applied Linguistics.
Jennifer Wilkin
Jennifer Wilkin has written and developed ELT materials for more than ten years. Prior to that, she was an editor of nonfiction texts in the humanities. She has taught English in France and Brazil, and has been involved in the development of several of the most successful four-skills English language courses in print. She currently writes and develops textbooks for all ages, levels, and native tongues. Jennifer lives in Brooklyn, New York.


  • Cover - LS
  • “…with National Geographic, this is a powerhouse series that every English language school must have!”

    —Jonee deLeon, Academic Director, Universal English Center, Vietnam (on Time Zones, First Editon)


  • Cover - L1
  • “...helps students develop a broader mind and a wider cultural understanding.”

    —Grace Gao Jie, Principal, Ameree School, China (on Time Zones, First Editon)
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  • Cover - L2
  • Cover - L3
  • "For teachers wanting a text for four skills instruction, communicative grammar, and content-driven lessons, Time Zones 3 is the best all-round book I have encountered for junior high and high school age students. With Time Zones, you can be part of National Geographic’s mission to inspire people to care about the planet while teaching English at the same time."

    —Tom Fast, Okayama Gakugeikan High School, Japan (on Time Zones, First Edition)

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