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This stunning voyage into the history of the world emphasizes cultural diversity, artifacts from around the world, rigorous yet accessibly content, special lessons and photography, and the travels and research of National Geographic Explorers.

High-interest, student friendly record of the history of the United States at both middle school and high school

Connects high school students to the history of our land while viewing history as an exploration of identity and a celebration of cultural heritage and diversity

Connect students to the history of our land with a core middle school U.S. history program incorporating engaging content and National Geographic Explorers

Prepare your middle school students for an increasingly global future with authentic National Geographic exploration and media combined into a standards-based program creating a shared experience for all students

Make history meaningful and relevant for middle school students by building insight into world cultures. Print and digital formats; English and Spanish.

Teach three middle school social studies curriculuar topics, World Cultures and Geography, World History, and U.S. History, with a magazine-like, visual approach

Experience the world through engaging elementary social studies content consisting of high interest social studies topics with engaging text and visuals

Bring world issues into focus for middle school students, Global Issues consists of books at three reading levels covering 12 of the most important geographic and environmental issues of our time

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Maria Montoya; Laura A. Belmon...

2nd Edition

9780357799666 $121.50

Diana Kendall

12th Edition

9798214140827 $148.00

Larry J. Siegel

8th Edition

9780357624746 $152.25

Larry J. Siegel; John L. Worra...

17th Edition

9780357630921 $200.25

Fred S. Kleiner, Ph.D.

16th Edition

9781337696678 $177.50

William J. Baumol; Alan S. Bli...

14th Edition

9781337696326 $217.50

John Murrin; Pekka Hämäläinen;...

7th Edition

9780357020654 $152.50

Kenneth Janda

14th Edition

9780357025345 $155.00

Douglas A. Bernstein

7th Edition

9780357601839 $147.75

William A. McEachern

6th Edition

9781337408738 $79.50

Jane Kamensky; Carol Sheriff; ...

11th Edition

9781337402743 $152.50

John S. Dempsey; Linda S. Fors...

9th Edition

9781337558754 $200.25

Larry J. Siegel

7th Edition

9781337557719 $152.25

Roger A. Arnold

13th Edition

9781337617383 $217.50

Douglas A. Bernstein

7th Edition

9781337787451 $147.75

William Duiker; Jackson Spielv...

9th Edition

9781337401289 $154.50

Jeffrey S. Nevid

5th Edition

9781337687874 $136.75

Paul S. Boyer; Clifford E. Cla...

9th Edition

9781337273084 $152.50

Wayne Weiten

10th Edition

9781337292160 $138.25

Diana Kendall

11th Edition

9781337287944 $148.00

Diana Kendall

11th Edition

9780357082515 $148.00

Diana Kendall

11th Edition

9781337283496 $50.00