Human Geography: A Spatial Perspective AP Edition

CODIE 2021 finalist

Announcing a new, unique AP® Human Geography program from National Geographic Learning/Cengage!

Start school with a program that meets 100% of the College Board Course and Exam Description and engages students with rigorous but accessible content and stunning resources from the National Geographic Society.

Human Geography: A Spatial Perspective is designed specifically for high school AP® students. It aligns closely to the College Board Course and Exam Description® to improve student performance on the AP® exam.

The program fully meets the 2019 College Board Framework for AP® Human Geography. In addition, Human Geography: A Spatial Perspective—
  • Emphasizes learning through inquiry
  • Establishes real-world content authenticity through the storytelling of National Geographic Explorers and photographers
  • Offers original National Geographic videos shot across the world to support each unit
  • Encourages students to write routinely and use qualitative, quantitative, and spatial information
  • Provides Formative Assessments—including "Unpacking the FRQ" activities—that increase student confidence and familiarity with course content and assessment formats
  • Provides Summative Assessment test practice aligned to the AP®exam.
The spread pictured below is from Unit 2: Population and Migration. The unit opener provides a stunning image to launch instruction and provides background notes and areas to consider for the student and teacher. This unit provides in-depth coverage of such topics as population composition, population policies, and the cause and effects of migration. The unit familiarizes students with the practice of describing spatial patterns and relationships using geographic models and theories, including population pyramids.

AP® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this product.
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Sarah Witham Bednarz

Sarah Witham Bednarz is professor emerita of geography at Texas A&M University, where she served as associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Geosciences from 2008 to 2014. She also previo... more

Mark Bockenhauer

Mark Henry Bockenhauer is professor of geography at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin, where he teaches courses in geography and environmental studies. He has 35 years of experience in K-12 pr... more

Fred Hiebert

Fredrik Hiebert has been an archaeologist and explorer with the National Geographic Society since 2003, and he has traced ancient trade routes overland and across the seas for more than 40 years. He h... more
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(Above Top) The Chapter 5 Summary & Review includes questions on key terms and concepts, interpreting graphs, and includes a full Geo-Inquiry project. (Above Bottom) The Unit 2 Writing Across Units, Regions & Scales includes seven ‘Write Across Units’ questions (Looking Back and Looking Forward). In ‘Write Across Regions & Scales’, students are asked to write an essay a region in South Asia (that they select) with either Dhaka or Mongla in Bangladesh. Students then draw on evidence from the unit and the article and address an additional free response question.

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Human Geography A Spatial Perspective AP® Edition will be complemented by MindTap, National Geographic Learning/Cengage’s new and exceptionally comprehensive online learning platform for teachers and students. Resources will include unit videos, full audio, online assessment, PowerPoint presentations, Handbooks, National Geographic Atlas, ArcGIS activities, and a link to the National Geographic Interactive Map Tool. This easy-to-navigate digital program will be available January 2021.

Human Geography Overview Video

Human Geography Video