Gateway to Social Studies: Classroom Set

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Authors : Barbara C. Cruz; Stephen J. Thornton


Mixed Media 

1st Edition

©2013, Published


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25 Hardcover Student Books, 25 Workbooks, Teacher's Edition, Audio CDs, and ExamView CD-ROM


The text is comprised of four sections to ensure academic success: Geography, World History, U.S. History, and Government

Every four-page lesson presents vocabulary and key social studies concepts in a highly visual format for increased comprehension

The Student Workbook provides practice activiti... more

Teacher Supplements
Gateway to Social Studies: Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®

Predesigned assessments and customizeable test-generating software.

Gateway to Social Studies: Teacher's Edition

Teaches vocabulary and concepts from four major social studies areas and includes a section that focuses on Social Studies Resources.

Student Supplements
Gateway to Social Studies: Audio CDs

Audio recordings of all the lessons to boost auditory learning.

Gateway to Social Studies: Workbook

Provides expansion activities for each lesson in the student text. Reading comprehension, writing, and listening/speaking skills are reinforced with additional communicative activities and critical thinking exercises.

Gateway to Social Studies: Student Book, Hardcover

Designed for English learners, striving readers, and special education students. Gateway introduces and reinforces social studies terms and skills. Includes Geography, World History, American History, and Civics and Government.