Global Issues

Bringing World Issues into Focus for All Students

The Global Issues series consists of books at three reading levels covering 12 of the most important geographic and environmental issues of our time.

  • Informational text for social studies and language arts classes
  • High-interest topics and dramatic photography
  • eBooks, sound effects, interactive vocabulary, and infographics
  • Three reading levels (on level, below level, and above level) to reach every student
  • Each topic and level is also available as eBooks and in Spanish (print and eBooks).
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National Geographic

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Varied assessment for all learning styles

  • Case discussion questions for whole group activity formative assessment
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  • Case Study graphic exercises: vocabulary, visual (analyze & make inferences); activity (create and play a game)
  • Research and writing assignments
  • Leveled tests for each book

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Technology to engage all students

  • eBooks on an iPad or other device take students visually into the regions they are studying
  • Vocabulary definitions appear when students mouse over a word
  • World maps teach about geography
  • Students can touch and expand photos for more detail

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