Reach Higher, K12


Reach Higher guides students to learn English, learn about the world, and learn about themselves through authentic content with a global perspective. Elementary students develop the academic language skills and content knowledge they need to get an education in English.
  • Cross-curricular, six-level program showcases original fiction, science, and social studies content to develop English literacy skills.
  • Academic skill-building with phonics support develops students' understanding of different cultures while fostering independent learning.
  • All-in-one Classroom Presentation Tool provides the resources teachers need to prepare for, addresss, and assess a comprehensive range of instructional priorities and requirements.
  • Read on Your Own phonics readers use fiction and non-fiction texts to reinforce the phonics and high-frequency words in Reach Higher through science and social studies content.
Products Included

Nancy Frey

Nancy Frey, Ph.D., a Professor at San Diego State University received the 2008 Early Career Achievement Award from the National Reading Conference. Dr. Frey has published in The Reading Teacher, Engli... more

Lada Kratky

During her 18 years of teaching in K–2 classrooms, as well as teaching Descubriendo la lectura and Reading Recovery, Lada Kratky has fostered a love of reading in hundreds of English-speaking and Span... more

Nonie K Lesaux

Associate Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education Her research and teaching focuses on reading development and preventing reading difficulties of children from linguistically diverse backgroun... more

Deborah J Short

Dr. Short directs Academic Language Research & Training and provides professional development on academic literacy, content-based ESL, and sheltered instruction worldwide. At the Center for Applied Li... more

Sylvia Linan Thompson

Associate Professor and Fellow, University of Texas, Austin As the associate director of the National Research and Development Center on English Language. Dr. Linan-Thompson has developed and examined... more

Jennifer D Turner

Associate Professor, University of Maryland Turner teaches reading education, and multicultural literature and instruction for reading specialists. She has published on exemplary literacy teachers and... more
Student Materials

The following materials are available for students using the Reach Higher program.

Student’s Books

Each Reach Higher Student’s Book:

  • Uses fiction, science, and social studies content to develop English literacy, and the skills and strategies necessary to learn independently
  • Teaches the academic language, vocabulary, phonics, reading, writing, and conversations students need to get an education in English
  • Includes authentic content from around the world to develops students’ understanding of different cultures and viewpoints

Practice Books

Each Reach Higher Practice Book

  • Provides consolidation and extension for language, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and fluency
  • Includes pair and group work activities to practice academic conversations
  • Uses graphic organizers to develop comprehension and critical thinking skills
  • Provides activities for retelling and developing oral reading fluency
  • Helps learners to plan, revise, edit, and personalize their writing

Student Companion Website

A Companion Website includes additional content for students, including audio recordings for the Student’s Books and Practice Books, and word lists of academic and content vocabulary.

Teacher Support

The following materials are available for teacher using the Reach Higher program.

Classroom Presentation Tool (on USB)

All-in-one Classroom Presentation Tools for each level provide teachers with everything they need to prepare for, address, and assess a comprehensive range of instructional priorities and requirements. Classroom Presentation Tools are compatible with a range of common operating systems and devices. They can be used online and offline, with an option for customers to host them on their own networks.

Each Classroom Presentation Tool includes:

  • The full content of the Student’s Book, Practice Book, and Teacher’s Book, including audio recordings
  • Lesson Plans, Pacing Guides, and materials for assessment
  • Additional teaching resources, which include speaking, phonics and writing

Teacher’s Book

A Teacher’s Book for each level of Reach Higher provides flexible lesson plans to help teachers plan and deliver their lessons easily according to the number of in-class hours. A streamlined, step-by-step instructional approach focuses on the Student’s Book, with the option to use suggested extension activities as needed.

Additional materials in each Teacher’s Book include:

  • Best-practice routines and instructional support to help teachers incorporate a range of teaching techniques
  • Multi-level strategies to support students at different levels of English proficiency
  • Optional extension activities for vocabulary, literacy, listening, speaking, and writing

Teacher Companion Website

A companion website includes additional password-protected content for teachers, including the content of the Classroom Presentation Tools.

Life as Lived

Throughout Reach Higher we feature photographs from Life as Lived Photographic Expeditions, a special initiative at National Geographic Learning to develop a photography and video collection illustrating everyday life as experienced around the world.

Our goal is to illustrate the educational materials we publish, enabling learners and educators to celebrate their own cultures and everyday lived experiences while also learning about those of others.

The creative team – world-class photographers – was tasked with recording life authentically and respectfully, creating photography and video that students and teachers will recognize as reflective of their own lives and experiences.

To learn more about Life as Lived, please visit:

Voices, with Annie Griffiths
Voices, with Life as Lived in China
Young Learners and Teens 2020

Bringing the world to the classroom and the classroom to life…

We create English programs that are inspiring, real, and relevant. Students learn their world by experiencing it through stories, ideas, photography and video of National Geographic and TED.

Our programs for young learners and teenagers create a solid foundation for learning about the world, and help students find their own voice in English.