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Inside Fundamentals: Theme Books Single-Copy Set B

$93.75 9780736259200


1 copy each of 9 titles

Student Supplements
The Eagle and the Moon Gold: Inside Theme Book
9780736209854 $10.50

This beautifully illustrated Hmong fable teaches a moral about the danger of greed. The narration highlights the concept of opposites.

Body Works: Inside Theme Book
9780736209601 $11.50

This science essay introduces the systems and functions of the human body. Text and detailed photographs and diagrams reinforce words about the body.

All Across America: Inside Theme Book
9780736209861 $10.50

This song of American history highlights many faces that make up America. Lively lyrics reinforce words for people.

Crops: Inside Theme Book
9780736209878 $10.50

This informational text provides a detailed explanation of the farming process. Text, photos, and graphics reinforce farming words.

Sunny and Moonshine: Inside Theme Book
9780736209885 $10.50

This lively fantasy tells about a solar eclipse. Simple text reinforces words about the solar system.

Power Out!: Inside Theme Book
9780736209632 $8.75

This realistic fiction book explains the effects of a power failure on a busy city. Simple text reinforces community words.

Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?: Inside Theme Book
9780736209625 $10.50

This photographic biography presents key events in the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Simple text reinforces irregular past tense verbs.

Rachel Carson: Inside Theme Book
9780736209847 $10.50

This biography describes the life of noted environmentalist Rachel Carson. Detailed illustrations present vocabulary for plant and animal words.

The Children We Remember: Inside Theme Book
9780736209649 $10.50

This historical account sensitively explains Hitler's campaign against the Jews during World War II. Easy to read text reinforces words about World War II.

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