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DHO Health Science, 9th Student Edition

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The highly respected DHO HEALTH SCIENCE continues to provide an all-in-one resource to build student excitement about the vast possibilities for a future in healthcare as well as covering introductory knowledge and skills in the health science curriculum. Organized in two parts, the text opens with foundational information required to enter a broad range of health professions, including infection control, first aid, legal requirements, and professionalism. Part two covers fundamental entry-level skills for a range of specific careers, including medical assisting, dental assisting, nursing assisting and more. Carefully revised to include current medical issues and technology from the Opioid Epidemic to frozen Stem Cells, the Ninth Edition is updated to current National Healthcare Foundation Standards, HIPPA and OBRA requirements, as well as HOSA student competitions. The ninth edition has also added NEW Case Study Investigations that bookend each chapter and offer students a chance to bring newly learned knowledge to help analyze patient scenarios and make recommendations. Prepare future health care professionals with an extensive learning package that includes an online teacher’s resource kit and instructor’s manual, student workbook, and MindTap, the online learning solution that includes hands-on Learning Lab simulations where concepts come to life via learning activities and videos of patients and medical professionals in decision-making scenarios.

Teacher Supplements
DHO Health Science, 9th Instructor Companion Website
9780357646977 $99.00

Everything you need for your course in one place! This collection of book-specific lecture and class tools is available online via nglsync. Contact your Sales Consultant for an account to access and download the workbook answer keys.

Student Supplements
DHO Diversified Health Occupations VitalSource™ eBook (1-year access)
9780357646496 $37.00
DHO Diversified Health Occupations VitalSource™ eBook (6-year access)
9780357646502 $173.00
DHO Health Science, Student Workbook
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The student workbook is designed to help students retain key chapter content. Included within this resource are chapter objective questions; key-term definition queries; and multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true-or-false problems.

K12 MindTap for DHO Health Science, 9th (1-year access)
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MindTap for DHO includes online flash cards, read-speaker interactive eBook, auto-graded exercises, and Career Exploration as well as Critical Thinking Learning Lab Simulations, which provide engaging videos and digital learning activities to connect concets to real-wo... more

K12 MindTap for DHO Health Science, 9th (6-year access)
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K12 Bundle: DHO Health Science, 9th Student Edition + MindTap (1-year access)



K12 Bundle: DHO Health Science, 9th Student Edition + MindTap (6-year access)