Our World, Second Edition, K12

Learn your world.

Achieve more with Our World, Second Edition, a best-selling seven-level series for young learners of English.

Experience more of the real world with content that motivates learners to use English, including surprising photography, meaningful stories and readings, immersive video, and incredible National Geographic Explorers.

Learn more about the world through cross-curricular topics that challenge learners and deepen their understanding of the world in English.

Help learners achieve more through collaborative projects, extensive critical thinking and visual literacy work, and activities that inspire meaningful thinking and sharing.

Our World truly brings the world into the classroom and improves learning outcomes, motivating learners to use English to show the world what they can do — and achieve more.
  • Clear lessons with more amazing photos and real-world content
  • Cross-curricular topics and updated Reading and Writing lessons
  • Vocabulary presented through real-world examples
  • Improved Grammar lessons with more support and practice in a real-world context
  • Original Songs present new language and concepts
  • Value and Mission lessons challenge learners to think and grow
  • Collaborative Projects encourage learners to show what they know
  • New Extended Reading lessons for reading fluency support
Products Included

Gabrielle Pritchard

Gabrielle Pritchard is an author of EFL courses and children’s books. Based in the UK, she has, over the last twenty years, written materials for EFL students at all levels. Her special interest is ... more

Diane Pinkley

Diane Pinkley is former Director of the TC TESOL Certificate Program in the TESOL Program, Department of Arts and Humanities, at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. She is a well-k... more

Kate Cory-Wright

Ronald Scro

Ronald Scro is an instructional designer, writer, and developer of educational products in video, print, e-learning, and blended instruction. He has created educational materials for adults and childr... more

Rob Sved

Rob Sved is an EFL author based in Oxford, UK. Over the last 20 years, he has worked as a teacher, publisher, editor and author and specializes in developing materials for young learners.

Kaj Schwermer

Kaj Schwermer is an award-winning author and teacher trainer with over two decades of experience working with young learners. He has run his own chain of private language schools, been the educationa... more

Sue Harmes

Learn Your World

Discover how Our World, Second Edition improves learning outcomes, and motivates learners to use English and show the world what they can do — and achieve more.

Experience More, Learn More


More real-world content, readings, and photos in every unit means your students will gain even more authentic world exposure and cross-curricular knowledge.


Short videos for every lesson mean more opportunities to extend lesson content, support different learning styles, and bring the world into the classroom.


Ground grammar in reality with natural examples of real-world language, lots of practice and presentation, and expanded grammar charts in the Workbooks, Grammar Books, and Classroom Presentation Tools.


Reading lessons, new Extended Readings, and Unit Readers mean more opportunities for reading practice, more exposure to real people and places, and more story-telling fun.

Do More, Achieve More


Projects build 21st century skills through research, discussion, presentations, craft, and design, and ‘Now I can…’ statements help students understand what they have accomplished.


Introduce the sounds and letters of English and explore sound/spelling relationships with the ABC Book, Phonics Books, and The Sounds of English Flashcards.


Help students show what they’ve learned and prepare for exams with customizable unit quizzes, mastery tests, final exams, and a placement test, available through the online ExamView Assessment Suite.