Academic Vocabulary Toolkit 2: Classroom Set

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Author : Dr. Kate Kinsella


Mixed Media 

1st Edition

©2013, Published


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Contains 25 copies of the student book and FREE teachers guide with professional development DVD and assessment CD-ROM with ExamView.


100 academic/high-utility vocabulary words in each book, for a 200 word total, to promote academic fluency

Words found on standardized exams and state academic word lists

Embedded grammar and syntax targets improve sentence-level accuracy

Dr. Kinsella's distinctive vocabulary routine maximizes st... more

Teacher Supplements
Academic Vocabulary Toolkit 2: Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®

Dr. Kate Kinsella’s NEW Academic Vocabulary Toolkit is designed for long-term middle and high school English learners who are under-prepared and struggling to progress. Students are provided the opportunity to not only learn high-use academic words, but also cor... more

Academic Vocabulary Toolkit 2: Teacher’s Guide with Professional Development DVD

Instructional routines, guided lesson scripts, and flexible pacing options.