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Floriculture: Designing & Merchandising

$189.50 9781435489356


FLORICULTURE: DESIGNING AND MERCHANDISING, 3E is the ideal introduction to the floral design industry. Written in a concise, easy-to-follow manner, FLORICULTURE: DESIGNING AND MERCHANDISING, 3E includes step-by-step instructions, complete with illustrations and material lists for dozens of projects. Projects in this book are built around low-cost materials and include suggestions on how to incorporate native materials to further reduce costs.

Teacher Supplements
Instructor's Manual

The Instructor’s Manual contains the answers to the end of chapter questions.

The Art of Floral Design
9780827386273 $97.50

The Art of Floral Design, 2E is a fully illustrated color text designed to take the student from basic to advanced floral design techniques. With a well-balanced presentation of theory and practice this textbook sets the standard for teaching floral design techniques. Topics covered include the princ... more

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The Art of Floral Design
9780827386273 $97.50

Since its first appearance, The Art of Floral Design has become the definitive standard in teaching design techniques. In-depth and illustrated in full color, it offers comprehensive information on the principles and mechanics of flower arranging, basic flower anatomy, and arrangement styles for all ... more