Foundations of Basic Nursing

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Level(s): Flesch-Kincaid

Authors : Lois Elaine White; Gena Duncan; Wendy Baumle


864 Pages  Paperback 

3rd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2005, 2002

©2011, Published


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FOUNDATIONS OF BASIC NURSING lays the foundation of introductory material for a practical or vocational nursing course of study. The text focuses on fundamental concepts such holistic care, legal responsibilities, communication, and client teaching. Step-by-step basic, intermediate and advanced nurs... more


All procedures follow the detailed nursing process format. Procedures begin with an overview linking the procedure to text content, then list all equipment needed, then walk step-by-step through the nursing process to outline all details of the procedure, including photographs and line drawings as a... more

New to this Edition

Includes completely new chapters on bioterrorism; self-concept; and spirituality.

Adds more critical thinking questions to chapters, which increases critical thinking, as well as 10 NCLEX style questions for each chapter to help prepare students for the NCLEX examination.

Adds geriatric content to... more