The Secret Beach: Page Turners 5 (5-Pack)

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Level(s): High-beginning, A1, A2

Authors : Jane Rollason; Meg Belviso; Frank Brennan; Margaret Johnson; Cathy Lawday; Sue Leather; Richard MacAndrew; Pamela Pollack; Martin Barrall; Julian Thomlinson; Andrew Watson


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1st Edition

©2011, Published


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Lucas and his friends have the best surfing beach in town, and they want to keep it that way. So when Jerry and the city boys demand a piece of the action, it soon becomes an all-out war - for the beach, the surfing trophy, and the heart of the beautiful Ella.


Genre include Action, Romance, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Drama, and more

Includes an additional non-fiction reading related to the story

FREE MP3 recording of story in both American and British English

FREE photocopiable worksheets for each story for teachers

Glossary, review questions and answe... more