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Precision Exams Information Technology Bundle Site License

$2500.00 9781337668743


The Information Technology Bundle Site License provides a school access to the following exams mapped to the Information Technology National Career Cluster: 3D Animation, 3D Graphics, Business Web Page Design, Business Web Page Design, Adv., Computer Prog. IA, Computer Prog. IB Python, Computer Prog. IB C#, Computer Prog. IB C++, Computer Prog. IB, Java, Computer Prog. IB Visual Basic, Computer Prog. II C#, Computer Prog. II C++, Computer Prog. II Java, Computer Prog. II Python, Computer Maintenance & Repair, Computer Technology, Computer Technology II, Desktop Publishing I, Desktop Publishing II, Digital Media IA, Digital Media IB, Digital Media II, Exploring Computer Science, Gaming Fundamentals, Information Tech., Intro., Network Fundamentals, Physics with Technology, Web Development, A, Web Development, B, Word Processing Basics, Word Processing