¡Exploremos! is a content rich Spanish program for middle school and high school that supports today's students to learn more about their world and themselves by exploring contemporary themes and high frequency language as Spanish speakers use it. ¡Exploremos! is based on themes and activities that use authentic materials to capture a broad student audience, engaging them in topics that go beyond the traditional school Spanish class experience. MindTap™ digital platform is customizable for both teachers and students. MindTap™ Mobile app provides offline eBook, activities, messages, study tools, gradebook and recordable pronunciation practice with feedback.

Real life language, Real life situations, Real World Success!
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Mary Ann Blitt

Mary Ann Blitt began her Spanish studies at the age of 13 while living in Madrid, Spain. She received her B.A. in Spanish from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and after spending a year... more

Margarita Casas

Margarita Casas was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She completed her bachelor's degree in sciences and techniques of communication in Guadalajara, Mexico. She holds two master's degrees from Colorado St... more
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Performance-based and traditional assessments support proficiency in ¡Exploremos! Options include IPAs (Integrated Performance Assessments), quizzes, chapter exams, vocabulary and grammar quizzes, midterms and finals.

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There are 3 components to the technology: 1. Digital Resources, 2. MindTap Mobile, 3. MindTap

¡Exploremos! Video

¡Exploremos! MindTap® Video