National Geographic Learning Exploring Science

Real Science. Real World. Right Now.

Developed specifically for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), National Geographic Exploring Science covers 100% of the NGSS for Grades K-5 to ensure students are mastering the Performance Expectations. Now with improved 3-Dimensional lesson support, more hands-on activities for students, enhanced assessment opportunities, and our MindTap digital platform including interactivity to support 3D learning.
  • Introduce real-world science practices with National Geographic Explorers, scientists, and photographers
  • Wide variety of lesson types keep students engaged in 3D learning from different perspectives
  • Teacher support for phenomenon-based lessons, assessment, literacy integration, and differentiation to meet all student needs.
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Malcolm Butler

Associate Professor of Science Education, University of South Florida Dr. Malcolm Butler’s teaching and research addresses multicultural issues in the classroom. He has worked to support typically und... more

Kathy Cabe Trundle

Associate Professor of Science Education, Ohio State University Dr. Kathy Trundle currently teaches master’s and doctoral level courses in science education. She studies children’s and adult’s underst... more

Judith Lederman

Director of Teacher Education, Illinois Institute of Technology Dr. Judith Lederman has taught science in classrooms ranging from pre-K science to graduate level education courses and post-graduate pr... more

Formative and summative assessments include:

  • Wrap It Up! questions for each lesson
  • Unit pre-assessments, opening activities, and quizzes
  • Student Science Notebooks are a formative assessment resource
  • Unit tests, performance tasks, and rubrics
  • ExamView test banks including varying question types searchable by NGSS standard

Teacher rubrics are included to assess Performance Expectation activities. Student rubrics allow the opportunity for self reflection.



Turn the NGSS into an engaging student experience with the most interactive and powerful digital program available in MindTap.

  • Highly engaging, content-based activities at point-of-use
  • New animations and videos featuring Explorers, scientists, and photographers
  • New Virtual Labs allowing students to change variables and observe different outcomes
  • Teacher gradebook and data analytics for detailed assessment
  • Correlation tool allows easy search for content and activities by NGSS standard

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