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Inside 2014 B: Content Library Classroom Set

$694.00 9780736260343


6 copies each of 8 titles

Teacher Supplements
Inside D: Content Library Single-Copy Set
9780736260329 $128.50

1 copy each of 8 titles
Building Tiny Transistors
Finding the First Vaccines
Struggle for Equality
The Science of You
The Progressives
Bones and Muscles
Sylvia Earle: Protecting the Seas

Student Supplements
Reading Expeditions (Science: Scientists in Their Times): Building Tiny Transistors, 6-pack
9781426360213 $106.50

6 copies of Building Tiny Transistors. Step back in time to meet the "dream team" of Shockley, Brattain, and Bardeen when they invented a device that forever changed the way we communicate and work. See how the development of... more

Reading Expeditions (Science: Scientists in Their Times): Finding the First Vaccines, 6-pack
9781426360190 $106.50

6 copies of Finding the First Vaccines. Imagine a world in which most diseases were deadly. Go back to the late 1800s and follow Louis Pasteur as he and other scientists begin to understand germs and develop vaccines to figh... more

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: Seeds of Change in American History): The Struggle for Equality, 6-pack
9781426359750 $106.50

6 copies of The Struggle for Equality. From 1955 to 1975, African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and women battled discrimination and fought for equal rights. Read about each group's victories and the ... more

Reading Expeditions (Science: Everyday Science): The Science of You, 6-pack
9781426360060 $76.50

6 copies of The Science of You. You are the subject of this fascinating exploration of the human body. From hiccups to haircuts, you'll marvel at the science in your own body.

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: Civilizations Past to Present): Mexico, 6-pack
9781426359309 $76.50

6 copies of Mexico. Visit the Yucatan, home of the ancient Maya. See their pyramids, try to read their alphabet and find out how they knew about the planets. See how Mayan life in Mexico today is a blend of the old and the new.

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: People Who Changed America): The Progressives, 6-pack
9781426360015 $106.50

6 copies of The Progressives. Meet Theodore Roosevelt, Jane Addams, and other reformers who worked to improve conditions for impoverished workers, immigrants, and others who needed their help in the early 1900s.

Reading Expeditions (Science: The Human Body): Bones and Muscles, 6-pack
9781426360909 $96.00

6 copies of Bones and Muscles. Like girders in a building, bones form the framework of our bodies and muscles make them move. Discover how muscles and bones interact and how breakthroughs in technology are making bionic body parts a reality.

Reading Expeditions (Science: Scientists in the Field): Sylvia Earle: Protecting the Seas, 6-pack
9781426360114 $96.00

6 copies of Sylvia Earle: Protecting the Seas. Dive to the ocean floor in a research submersible with world-renowned marine biologist Sylvia Earle. Learn how she has devoted her life to investigating and protecting the ... more