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Inside 2014 C: Content Library Classroom Set

$737.00 9780736260527


6 copies each of 8 titles

Teacher Supplements
Inside E: Content Library Single-Copy Set
9780736260503 $136.50

1 copy each of 8 titles
Making Healthy Choices
Amazing Animals
The Emancipation Proclamation
The West Today
Greek Civilization
Fight for Freedom
Plant Power

Student Supplements
Reading Expeditions (Science: The Human Body): Making Healthy Choices, 6-pack
9781426359491 $96.00

6 copies of Making Healthy Choices. Examine how decisions we make every day affect how our bodies function and perform. Learn how nutrition, recreation, and interactions with others keep us healthy and strong. Explore healthy choices in be... more

Reading Expeditions (Science: Life Science): Amazing Animals, 6-pack
9781426359422 $96.00

6 copies of Amazing Animals. Learn how animals are grouped, how adaptations help them survive, and how technology helps us protect animal populations.

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: Documents of Freedom): The Emancipation Proclamation, 6-pack
9781426360480 $96.00

6 copies of The Emancipation Proclamation. Meet Abraham Lincoln and gain insight into his changing views on slavery. Learn why he issued the Emancipation Proclamation and what it means today.

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: Readings About America): The West Today, 6-pack
9781426360282 $96.00

6 copies of The West Today. Discover the Wild West of today. Visit a real Jurassic park, see Old Faithful erupt, learn how film makers create special effects, and meet the smokejumpers.

Reading Expeditions (Science: Life Science): Ecosystems, 6-pack
9781426360831 $96.00

6 copies of Ecosystems. Explore the prairie ecosystem, its populations, habitats, food chains, and food webs. Learn the relationships between the living and the nonliving parts of an ecosystem and how ecosystems stay in balance.

Reading Expeditions (World Studies: World History): Greek Civilization (1250-300 B.C.), 6-pack
9781426362279 $136.50

6 copies of Greek Civilization (1250-300 B.C.). Visit ancient Greece and see firsthand this civilization's achievements in art, architecture, government, and science. Tour the Parthenon and the Temple of Delphi and go to t... more

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: People Who Changed America): Fight for Freedom, 6-pack
9781426359972 $106.50

6 copies of Fight for Freedom. Meet the Founding Fathers and learn about the events, the debates, and the struggles of the colonists as they moved toward independence. Find out how George Washington and other leaders helped t... more

Reading Expeditions (Science: Life Science): Plant Power, 6-pack
9781426359408 $96.00

6 copies of Plant Power. Dig into the green world that grows silently around us. Explore how plants make their own food, protect themselves, reproduce, provide much of the earth's oxygen, and even combat pollution.