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Making America: A History of the United States, AP® Edition, Updated

$135.50 9781337789974


Written inclusively for the AP® U.S. History curriculum, the updated 7th edition of Making America is an approachable text with plenty of AP® features, and AP® assessments and includes changes recently made to both the AP® U.S. History course framework and the exam. Making America brings people, places, and events to life through maps, paintings, photos, and cartoons as well as the written word. Making America speaks in a voice intended to communicate with rather than impress. The authors encourage readers to draw their own conclusions about the causes and consequences of individual choices, public policies, political decisions, protest, and reform. The book offers a full array of integrated and supportive learning aids to help students at every level of preparedness comprehend what they read.

Teacher Supplements
Making America, AP® Edition, Updated Online Teacher's Guide

This resource helps instructors teach the course in order to prepare students for AP™ exams.

Student Supplements
Fast Track to a 5: Making America, AP® Edition, Updated
9781337789981 $26.00

Aligned to Voyages in Making America, AP® Edition, Updated, Fast Track to a 5 prepares students for success on the AP® U.S. History exam by providing strategies, practice questions, and two full-length Practice Tests.