Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation (High School Edition)

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Authors : Steven S. Zumdahl; Donald J. DeCoste


816 Pages  Hardcover 

7th Edition

©2011, Published


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The Seventh Edition of Zumdahl and DeCoste's best-selling INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY: A FOUNDATION that combines enhanced problem-solving structure with substantial pedagogy to enable students to become strong independent problem solvers in the introductory course and beyond. Capturing student interest ... more


Exercises and models such as worked-out examples, self-check exercises, and skill development boxes support the authors' step-by-step problem-solving method.

End-of-chapter material includes key terms, a summary of important facts, questions and problems arranged in matched pairs and keyed to chapt... more

New to this Edition

The book's full color art program has been redrawn and reworked to make figures easier to follow and more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, labeling within the art has been reconfigured for better clarity, glassware illustrations have been updated, and the orbital art has been redesigned.

The te... more