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Family Financial Management Online Simulation Printed Access Card

$28.00 9781305401921


Managing personal finances can be an interesting and challenging task. FAMILY FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ONLINE SIMULATION, 9E is an engaging, interactive online money-management simulation that focuses on budgeting and financial planning. As students work through the simulation, they will learn to record checks and deposits, reconcile bank statements, plan budgets, make rent and mortgage payments, use credit and debit cards, invest for retirement, and more! FAMILY FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ONLINE SIMULATION contains all of the following online tools to create a realistic experience for students: Real-life financial transactions and realistic financial documents including bills, receipts, tax forms, tickets, coupons, and applications. Check register that students use to keep track of transactions and deposits. Digital filing system to keep financial documents and forms organized. Budgeting tools including net worth plotting tool, monthly budget worksheets, and monthly income and expenditure sheets. Interactive timeline allows students to scroll through the various financial events of each day within a monthly calendar of events. An easy-to-use student tracking/assessment tool for instructors.