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Inside the U.S.A.: Theme Books Library

$795.00 9780736270663


6 copies each of 10 titles.

Teacher Supplements
Alexei's Week: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270786 $79.50

6 copies of Alexei's Week. Spend a week with Alexei in a new country and a new school.

What Should I Wear?: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270830 $79.50

6 copies of What Should I Wear? Read about people that wear different clothes for work or school and sometimes just for fun.

The Race Around the World: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270816 $79.50

6 copies of The Race Around the World. Visit places around the world in a "race" format.

Lunch Around the World: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270809 $79.50

6 copies of Lunch Around the World. Lunch is different around the world but everybody likes to eat lunch!

Jari's Year: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270854 $79.50

copies of Jari's Year. Learn about Jari by spending the year with him in his new school and country.

Huong's Journey: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270793 $79.50

6 copies of Huong's Journey. This book documents Huong's immigration from Vietnam to the United States and her many paintings.

How Do They Feel?: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270823 $79.50

6 copies of How Do They Feel? This book explores the feelings of different people both positive and negative.

Getting from Here to There: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270847 $79.50

6 copies of Getting from Here to There. Learn about different methods of transporation from around the world.

From Cuba to the United States: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270762 $79.50

6 copies of From Cuba to the United States. Follow along as Maritza moves from Cuba to Miami.

Cool Schools: Inside the U.S.A. 6-Pack
9780736270779 $79.50

6 copies of Cool Schools. Read about the many different types of schools other than the school you may attend.