Biology: Concepts and Applications (High School Edition)

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Author : Cecie Starr


864 Pages  Hardcover 

8th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2008, 2006, 2006

©2011, Published


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Clear, engaging, and visual, BIOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS equips non-biology majors with the science they'll need in life! Renowned for its writing style and trendsetting art, the new edition includes an enhanced visual pedagogy, learning features, and media options. Helping visual learners, "... more


The text balances concepts and applications. All points necessary for developing an understanding of a basic concept are on a single page or two facing pages so students can focus on one topic at a time and digest information in manageable segments.

The visually-appealing and accurate art program h... more

New to this Edition

The entire text has been enhanced visually throughout. Key Concepts with thumbnail images are reiterated in the visual summaries, and stepped out figures and "Figure It Out" figures help students along the way.

New Data Analysis Activities provide students with the opportunity to work with real dat... more

Teacher Supplements
Instructor's Manual

This manual includes laboratory preparation instructions and the length of time needed for each lab, pre-lab questions, and answers to the pre- and post-lab questions.

Laboratory Manual for General Biology
9780534380250 $112.50

One of the best ways for your students to succeed in their biology course is through hands-on lab experience. With its 46 lab exercises and hundreds of color photos and illustrations, the LABORATORY MANUAL FOR GENERAL BIOLOGY, Fifth Edition, is your students' guide to a better understand... more

Student Supplements
Laboratory Manual for General Biology
9780534380250 $112.50

Succeed in biology with LABORATORY MANUAL FOR GENERAL BIOLOGY! Through hands-on-lab experience, this biology laboratory manual reinforces biology concepts to help you get a better grade. Exercises, pre-lab questions, and post-lab questions enhance your understanding and make lab assignme... more