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Reach for Reading 2: Classroom Set + Leveled Library Single-Copy Set

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This set includes 22 copies of the Student Anthology, 6 copies of each Read On Your Own title (192 books), and 1 copy of each Leveled Library title 128 books) with access to myNGconnect.Read On Your Own books promote phonics and high frequency word application with decodable texts, include fiction and nonfiction, and encompass a variety of science and social studies topics. The Leveled Library includes leveled readers that are photographic books with strong picture-text correspondence. They introduce language patterns and structure and stimulate discussion. Note: Leveled Library titles are drawn from multiple programs. The myNGconnect companion website provides teachers and students with resources to enhance learning and teaching such as student and teacher eEditions, games and videos, lesson planners, Online Professional Development, and more.

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Reach into Phonics 2 (Read On Your Own Books): Single-Copy Set
9780736280884 $320.00

Read On Your Own Books feature decodable text for phonics and high-frequency word application. Both fiction and nonfiction titles are included, encompassing a variety of science and social studies topics.

This set includes 1 copy each of the 32 Read On Y... more

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Reach for Reading 2 (Read On Your Own Books): Classroom Set