LabConnection on DVD for A+ Guide to Software

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6th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2011

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With powerful computer-based exercises, simulations and in-depth remediation capabilities, LabConnection™ provides a uniquely integrated supplement to hands-on A+ PC repair courses, and can be used both as a virtual lab and homework assignment tool. LabConnection supports Cengage Learning's A+ Guide... more


Enhanced Comprehension: All completed labs reflect a complete understanding of the tasks and concepts as they directly relate to the referenced curriculum and the Cengage Learning textbook. Through LabConnection's guidance in the virtual lab environment, the student develops skills that are accurate... more

New to this Edition

New labs focusing on soft-skills so users can demonstrate the appropriate use of skills in the areas of communication and professionalism.

New lab on configuring a typical home or SOHO wireless router.

New lab on identifying different designs of small networks, and a few of the different types of ... more