Nutrition: Your Life Science

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Authors : Jennifer Turley; Joan Thompson


560 Pages  Paperback 

2nd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2013

©2016, Published


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Engage your students and free up time to focus on what matters – teaching! NUTRITION: YOUR LIFE SCIENCE, 2nd Edition takes an integrated approach with a modular text and multiple layers of automatically-graded assessment. Authors Jennifer Turley and Joan Thompson greatly improved outcomes in their c... more


The integrated modular textbook and online MindTap provide an interactive, engaging learning experience. The seven modules include multiple layers of assessment to prepare students to demonstrate knowledge, apply the information, and master terminology. The automatically-graded assessments include h... more

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You know what's best for your students and you can deliver it with MindTap for Nutrition! The clear and engaging learning path includes student learning tools—readings, Diet & Wellness Plus, pop-up tutors, activities, and assessments—and guides students through their course. Instructors can easily s... more

Teacher Supplements
2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines Supplement
9781337110082 $10.50

This supplement lists the guidelines and key recommendations from the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The revised guidelines “encourage healthy eating patterns, recognize that individuals will need to make shifts in their food and beverage choices to achieve a healthier pat... more

Student Supplements
2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines Supplement
9781337110082 $10.50

This booklet contains an extensive food composition table as well as a visual portion size chart, information on interpreting food labels, and aids to calculation.