American Public Policy: An Introduction

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Authors : Clarke E. Cochran; Lawrence C. Mayer; T.R. Carr; N. Joseph Cayer; Mark McKenzie; Laura Peck


560 Pages  Paperback 

11th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2012, 2009, 2006

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AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY: AN INTRODUCTION engages students with a unique emphasis on specific, substantive issues of public policy. It also kindles discussion that helps make the subject matter personal as students apply their knowledge to real-life policies. The authors present policy material step-b... more


The authors stress that the substance of policies should be evaluated through examination of current issues.

For ease of use and comparison, each chapter follows the same outline (issue background, contemporary policy, policy evaluation, and future alternatives).

Each chapter ends with notes and a... more

New to this Edition

A new feature, “Policy Dilemmas,” has been added to each chapter in response to reviewer feedback. Each of these features addresses a timely topic that students are learning about and are aware of, such as gun control or the Affordable Care Act. Designed to challenge students to think critically abo... more