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Reach for Reading 1 (Read with Me): What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? Big Book

$58.50 9780736280044


Big Books are designed for shared reading.

Teacher Supplements
Reach for Reading 1 (Read with Me): Big Books Set
9781133900276 $936.00

This set includes 1 copy of each of 16 Read With Me Big Books, which are designed for shared reading and feature fiction and nonfiction choices.

The 16 Big Books are:
Mystery Bottle
Tortillas and Lullabies
Life in the Forest
Zina, the Wooden Puppe... more

Reach B (Literature Big Books): Single-Copy Set
9780736280082 $468.00

This set includes 1 copy each of 8 Big Books for shared reading (fiction and nonfiction choices):
Mystery Bottle
Zina, the Wooden Puppet
Wen-Mei and Her Clay Pot
Guess What I'll Be
What Do You Do with a Tail Like This?
Storm Is Coming!
Now and Be... more