Comparative Politics: Structures and Choices

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Author : Lowell Barrington


472 Pages  Paperback 

2nd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2010

©2013, Published


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COMPARATIVE POLITICS: STRUCTURES AND CHOICES, offers a thematic framework that seamlessly connects concepts, theories, and country-specific information. In the Second Edition, an important set of concepts and theories is introduced and then applied to each of nine countries (the United Kingdom, Germ... more


The unique thematic approach of COMPARATIVE POLITICS: STRUCTURES AND CHOICES places chapter concepts in context to help students fully understand the material—and succeed in class.

Think and Discuss prompts ask students to apply critical-thinking skills to the concepts as they're introduced, while ... more

New to this Edition

Students are guided in their reading in several ways. Learning Objectives orient the reader to the most important concepts in each chapter. Refined Topic in Countries sections include a new introduction that highlights what to look for as concepts are applied to each country. New Topic In Country (T... more

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