Assisting in Long-Term Care

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Author : Mary Jo Mirlenbrink Gerlach


768 Pages  Paperback 

6th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2007, 2002, 1998

©2014, Published


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Now in its 6th Edition, ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE is the complete learning solution for Certified Nursing Assistant programs! The user-friendly book delivers all required content to prepare students for the certification exam, along with features that develop critical skills for working in long-te... more


Clinical Instruction: ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE, 6th Edition details over 100 clinical procedures to help students master everyday nursing assistant skills, such as patient transfers, proper use of ramps and inclines, utilizing restraints, and more.

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Critical Updates: Thoughtfully revised, the 6th Edition of ASSISTING IN LONG-TERM CARE addresses current issues in infection control, American dietary guidelines, Ombudsman activities, Medicare reporting regulations, bioterrorism, the latest equipment, and much more.

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