World Civilizations: Volume I: To 1700

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Authors : Philip J. Adler; Randall L. Pouwels


464 Pages  Paperback 

7th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2012, 2008, 2006

©2015, Published


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For an accessible, comprehensive global survey of the world's major civilizations, Adler and Pouwels's WORLD CIVILIZATIONS offers a great balance between detail and brevity. This unique student-oriented text offers 53 short chapters accompanied by strong pedagogy and critical thinking tools, giving ... more


Color illustrations, many of them new, and abundant maps throughout the text provide a rich visual context for the narrative discussions.

Thematic features and photographs are keyed to five broad text themes: Society and Economy, Law and Government, Patterns of Belief, Science and Technology, and A... more

New to this Edition

Three overarching changes are reflected throughout the seventh edition. It provides additional coverage illustrating how the world has become increasingly globalized and interdependent; includes more material on the non-Western world and the important initiatives of non-Western peoples, even through... more