Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik

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Authors : Jamie Rankin; Larry D. Wells (Late)


528 Pages  Paperback 

5th Edition

©2011, Published


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This intermediate, modular approach to German grammar serves as both a reference handbook and a practice manual. The text is organized to allow instructors to follow each chapter sequentially or to teach in modules, as each chapter is self-contained and can be used in any order. The chapter structur... more


Twenty-four regular chapters consisting of thorough grammar explanations, models, charts followed by a vocabulary section (Wortschatz), ample structured practice (Übungen), open-ended activities (Anwendung), a writing section (Schriftliche Themen) including strategies (Tipps zum Schreiben). The chap... more

New to this Edition

Revised twenty-four regular chapters.

New six reference chapters.

Revised appendices.

Revised Wortschatz sections are now more in sync with the grammar topic at hand.

Revised Zum Beispiel cultural excerpts (song lyrics, short stories, movies, etc.) have been expanded and are now present in every... more