The World of Words

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Author : Margaret Ann Richek


416 Pages  Paperback 

9th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2011, 2008, 2005

©2014, Published


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The World of Words not only teaches students the vocabulary they need for academic success, but also arms them with the skills they need to acquire new words independently for years to come. Through repetition and a focus on integrating three critical skills – dictionary use, context clues, and word... more


Online audio exercises and a recorded pronunciation key help students practice proper pronunciation of vocabulary words--especially helpful for online classes where instructors cannot model pronunciation!

Content and essays focusing on entrepreneurs, inventions, and food use vocabulary words in con... more

New to this Edition

Revised word lists, carefully checked with recent studies of word frequency, have resulted in about 10% changes in the Words to Learn section.

Five appendices provide easy references for students. These are: Appendix A: Parts of Speech: A Reference Guide Appendix B: Helpful Suffixes Appendix C: A... more