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Adobe Illustrator CS4 Revealed

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Get ready for Adobe Illustrator CS4, the latest version of the popular software and a major upgrade with essential feature changes. Adobe Illustrator CS4 Revealed offers a smart, thorough, and well-designed guided tour through this new release. The book begins with coverage of fundamental concepts and progresses to in-depth explorations of the software's full set of features, making this a turnkey solution that offers everything you need to know about Illustrator CS4. With added material on all the updates, this edition explores the new while retaining the step-by-step tutorials and user-friendly design that made previous editions so successful.

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Adobe Illustrator CS4 Revealed
9781435482616 $77.25

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Revealed covers the innovative new features of Adobe® Illustrator,® including the ability to use multiple artboards in a single Illustrator file, extended drawing capabilities available with the Blob Brush, and even more varied color manipulation with upgraded gradients. ... more