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Edge 2014 C: Complex Text Library Single-Copy Set

$85.75 9781285846552


1 copy each of 7 Titles.

Student Supplements
The Perfect Swarm: Footprint Reading Library 8
9781424044474 $12.25

In the 1800s, the Rocky Mountain locust brought massive destruction to Western settlers. Then, the insects suddenly disappeared, almost without a trace. Now scientists hope to find a reason for the locust's extinction. What caused the Rocky Mountain locust to disappear? Where wi... more

Koalas: Footprint Reading Library 7
9781424044917 $12.25

Koalas are recognized around the world for their cute and loveable appearance. But unfortunately the koala population is rapidly declining because their natural home in the thick forests of Australia is being destroyed. What can be done to help the koalas? Who is working to save them?

The Red Devils: Footprint Reading Library 8
9781424044450 $12.25

Humboldt squids, or 'Red Devils,' are the world's largest animal without a backbone. These sometimes dangerous creatures live in the deep waters of the Gulf of California. A researcher and professional diver have come to the Gulf to learn more about them. Will they find any Red Dev... more

Mysterious Crop Circles: Footprint Reading Library 5
9781424043767 $12.25

Several strange signs called 'crop circles' have been discovered in the fields of southern England. These mysterious circles are puzzling to everyone, even scientists. There are several theories about who, or what, made them. Could it be humans who did it? Or could it be s... more

Afghanistan's Heroic Artists: Footprint Reading Library 8
9781424044344 $12.25

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the religious group aimed to destroy any artistic expression that violated their strict interpretation of Islamic rules. A group of Afghan artists risked death by disobeying the Taliban to preserve the artwork.

Extreme Sky Diving: Footprint Reading Library 6
9781424044894 $12.25

Most people enjoy the sport of sky diving because they get to fall at extremely high speeds, but some people want to go even faster. One man is even experimenting with various methods of increasing his speed. What is he doing to go faster? Is it working?

The Hidden Treasures of Egypt: Footprint Reading Library 7
9781424044931 $12.25

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt contains an extraordinary collection of ancient art, but even more of its treasures are hidden away in its basement. Museum workers are now preparing to show these valuable pieces in a new exhibition. What pieces will they exhibit?... more