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Explorer Books (Pioneer Science): Single-Copy Set

$563.75 9781285956091


The best articles from National Geographic Explorer Magazine are now compiled in single-topic books with identical content at two different reading levels: Pioneer (grade 2–3) and Pathfinder (grades 4-6). The Pioneer Science Single-Copy Set includes 1 copy each of 55 Pioneer Science titles.

Student Supplements
Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Animals): Snake Safari, 6-pack
9780736241106 $61.50

6 copies of Snake Safari. Travel the world on an awesome snake adventure, learning why these creatures are often misunderstood.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Earth Science): Drop by Drop, 6-pack
9780736287760 $61.50

6 copies of Drop by Drop. Travel the Colorado River with explorer Johnathan Waterman. Find out how important the river water is to the plants, animals, and people who depend on it.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Earth Science): Hurricane Hunters, 6-pack
9780736241175 $61.50

6 copies of Hurricane Hunters. Fly into the heart of a hurricane with fearless scientists who track these powerful storms to keep others safe.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Animals): Do Elephants Talk', 6-pack
9780736241113 $61.50

6 copies of Do Elephants Talk? Explore the secret language of elephants and why these huge animals are struggling to survive in the wild.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Earth Science): Volcano!, 6-pack
9780736241243 $61.50

6 copies of Volcano! Travel inside the Earth to explore how volcanoes form. Learn about what causes them to erupt, changing lands and lives in the process.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Habitats): Coral Reefs, 6-pack
9780736241151 $61.50

6 copies of Coral Reefs. Explore the exotic world of the coral reefs. Discover how coral polyps create these amazing homes and why their reefs may be in trouble.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Animals): Dogs at Work, 6-pack
9780736241069 $61.50

6 copies of Dogs at Work. Discover how service dogs are trained and how these dogs help people.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Habitats): Mammoth Mammals, 6-pack
9780736241229 $61.50

6 copies of Mammoth Mammals. Travel back to the Ice Age and discover what the animals and people were like when the Earth was encased in ice.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Physical Science): Recycling Rules!, 6-pack
9781285347127 $61.50

6 copies of Recycling Rules! Find out why trash is such a problem and learn about recycling, an important way to fix the trash problem.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Space Science): Living it Up in Space, 6-pack
9780736241281 $61.50

6 copies of Living It Up In Space. Meet the astronauts who live aboard the International Space Station and discover the challenges of living and working in space.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Space Science): The Sun, 6-pack
9780736241250 $61.50

6 copies of The Sun. Learn about how our sun is unique in the sky and gives us the light that makes life on Earth possible.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Sports and Health): The Beat Goes On, 6-pack
9780736241144 $61.50

6 copies of The Beat Goes On. Learn how the human heart works and how science is helping those with hearts that don't work.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Sports and Health): Body Beasts, 6-pack
9780736240994 $61.50

6 copies of Body Beasts. Take a closer look at the tiny animals that call your body home and learn how they survive and affect their human hosts.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Animals): On the Menu, 6-pack
9780736241038 $61.50

6 copies of On the Menu. Discover the tricks that animals use to stay safe and also catch a meal.

Explorer Books (Pioneer Science: Animals): Siberian Survivor, 6-pack
9780736241014 $61.50

6 copies of Siberian Survivor. Trek through Asia and discover the habitats of the world's largest cats - the Siberian tigers.